Thursday, May 10, 2007


So time ticks on. I go through phases of interest in things. I have been meaning to write something on this site for a while now, but can never seem to think of something that I feel like writing about. So maybe I'll just write about not having anything to write about. Sometimes, I go through a train of thought that involves whether or not to put anything too personal in these blogs. Also, should I talk about my family at all? And if I do, should I mention names? Or even ages or sex? My wife is one thing, but children are an entirely different issue. With more technology comes less privacy, it seems. That correlation may not be direct, but that's now really the point of this entry. And I would hate to inadvertently put something on a blog that might end up giving too much information to a person that might wish to do harm to others. It always seems to me that things like this didn't used to be an issue for parents to have to deal with. For one thing, information wasn't always right at your fingertips. But because of that, parents may have felt much more safe than they actually were. In this day and age of too much information, there are news channels that "have" to have news 24 hours a day. So if there isn't any big national news, then why not find something at some local level that will make people watch. It used to be that you would get what, maybe an hour of news a day, and usually it was only 30 minutes of new news during that time. So national headlines could easily fill that time slot. So are things really any more dangerous than they used to be, or are we just exposed to much more "news" than we used to be?