Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Playset (Part deux)

I obviously didn't post any progress on the playset. However, it is done, and has been for some time now. The kids love it. I will, eventually, post a picture of it. There are 3 swings, one of which is for two people. My oldest likes the rock climbing wall and the swing the most. My youngest loves to go up to the top platform and look through the "periscope" and say "I see you!" even if she doesn't quite understand how to manipulate it to actually see anyone through it yet. All in all, it wasn't nearly as hard to put together as I would have thought. That being said, after a certain point, it became necessary for me to have the set in its final resting place before I could continue putting it together. This was due to the fact that it would probably take 6 men to move the set after it is put together. The best part of the whole process, though, dealt with my daughter helping me put the rock climbing wall together. It marked, in my mind, the first time that she had really and truly helped me do something that I would not have been able to do by myself. It is a memory that I hope stays with me forever.