Friday, January 12, 2007


Hazel and I joined the Y last night. I have to say it was quite a nice experience to work out with my wife. I didn't really know what to expect, but I feel like she pushed me pretty good, and I hope I did the same for her. It always helps to have someone else to go with. It keeps you honest. :) On a similar note, I finally did something I have wanted to do for so long, but it's just been so hard to do. I dropped my Bally's membership. And the person on the phone didn't give me a hard time at all. Probably because they weren't getting very much money from me in the first place. Bally's just sucked so bad. I've been a member there since 93, and they haven't added one new thing to that place in the last 13 years. On the opposite side of that coin, the Y we are going to has been open for a relatively short time, and has already undergone one expansion of it's facilities. How nice to know that they are trying to make things better for the people who give them so much money. Tonight we are planning on trying out the childcare services provided at the Y. Hopefully that will work out seamlessly, and Hazel and I will be able to go there together whenever we want.